Saturday, April 13, 2013

home to the sea

Where the forest meets the sea I wander and wonder. It's a seam, a crease, a joint,  a binding. Few other places exemplify the path of life so well. You're at the edge. Behind you, the comfort of the known world; your posessions, your past, your aquaintences. Outward you look to a horizon that cannot be distuingishd from the sky. It is vast, unkown, exciting,  terrifying. Sometimes the sea laps gently at the land, other times it thrusts itself aggressively towards you.  It's easy to stay right where you are amongst the trees and earth and people and past, but if you are willing and brave,  you can  move foreward and navigate the uncharted waters.

To Stay the Same
A couple of weeks ago I returned to my childhood home on the coast of Maine.  I usually retrace my old stomping grounds... the marshes, the coastal woodlands, the sea shore. My eyes are wider then they were when I left. My ears are larger, and my nose is more keen. Everything is always changing, everything looks different... except the rocks. The buildings decay, the trees grow and fall,  the towns gentrify, but the rocks are just where I left them as a child. Granite and quartz, lichen and moss, cold and rugged. They are objects not of physical warmth, but  their steadfast nature provides a comfort in this fast-changing world of today. 

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