Sunday, August 18, 2013

equus ferus caballus

Equus ferus caballus
For  almost six thousand years humans and horses were nearly inseparable.  The horse was part of daily life. The skills necessary to ride, work, train, and care for these creatures were those of the common man. Equine Knowledge was ubiquitous, permeating many levels of society and culture. Despite this deep historical connection,  the last century has separated us from this animal. With the introduction of more efficient transportation methods our common knowledge of the horse has been lost.  For those who have continued to foster appreciation for and knowledge of horse-work, it is a remarkable, timeless, and tactile  life.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Winds

The Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, offer an escape to a grand but hidden world. Large distances,   hordes of hellish mosquitos, and volatile weather make it an exposed and unforgiving landscape, but for those willing to move past its hostilities, the mountains  present themselves  with incomparable grandeur and curiosity. Towering granite, terraces of pristine tarns, and carpets of paintbrush  highlight a near fantastical region.