Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mountain Profile: The Crazies Part I

As its name so blatantly implies, Montana is a land of many mountains. Its wildlife and human culture  has long been shaped by the geology of Basin and Range. Numerous, rugged spines jutting out of sweeping, fertile plains, characterize the region and posses  an inescapable presence.  

 The mountain ranges here are so abundant that they often are lumped together and referred to as the "Northern Rockies." However, as understood by those who walk in the shadows of these uplifts, each range has its own identity, character, and mystique.   This is an attempt to pay respect  to the individuality of Montana's high country. 

The Crazy Mountains thrust into the wide Montana sky. They are the sentinels of the Northern rockies. Long,  knife-edged ridge lines, and deep, smooth cirques form an imposing wall. When traveling from the east, the angular profile looms high above the rolling prairie and provides a preview to the rocky mountain west that lies beyond.